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Carbonic International

Frequently Asked Questions


Health and Safety


  • NEVER STICK YOUR HEAD INTO a BOX OF DRY ICE AND INHALE- The pungent CO2 gas will burn your nostrils.
  • KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM DRY ICE. Dry ice should only be handled by adults after reading all safety instructions.
  • DO NOT TOUCH DRY ICE WITHOUT GLOVES. At 109°F (-79°C) Dry ice is exceptionally cold; direct contact can cause severe frostbite within seconds. Use a scoop or a pair of tongs to handle small blocks of dry ice.
  • DO NOT INGEST DRY ICE. Swallowing dry ice can cause serious internal injury. Do not put it in your mouth or try to inhale the sublimate.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BREAK OR SMASH DRY ICE. Small pieces can ricochet into your eyes or get stuck in clothing and cause severe burns. Buy pellets instead of blocks if you need smaller product.
  • TRANSPORT DRY ICE IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR VEHICLE. In the passenger compartment of a vehicle, the sublimation of more than a few kilos of dry ice can cause an inert atmosphere (without oxygen). When opening a closed cargo area containing dry ice, allow the closed space to ventilate for a few minutes before entering.
  • NEVER PLACE DRY ICE IN A SEALED CONTAINER. This can result in an explosion of the container from increase in pressure as a result of sublimation to gas.
  • DO NOT USE MORE THAN A FEW KILOS OF DRY ICE IN CONFINED AREAS. Sublimation of dry ice to carbon dioxide gas can cause asphyxiation.
  • DO NOT EXPERIMENT WITH DRY ICE. Use dry ice for what it was intended.
  • DO NOT EXPOSE PERISHIBLES DIRECTLY TO DRY ICE. Dry ice is used to keep perishables and life science products cold by absorbing latent heat. Direct contact will cause the product to freeze and destroy it. 
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY UNUSED DRY ICE. Allow the dry ice to sublimate in a well-ventilated area where carbon dioxide vapour will not accumulate.
  • DO NOT DISPOSE DRY ICE IN TRASH CANS, SINKS, TOILETS OR GARBAGE CHUTES. Dry ice can freeze and crack or damage granite, plastic and ceramic.