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Carbonic International - Blaztclean


Swiss technology brought to the Gulf - Renowned service - HACCP compliant - hundreds of loyal customers - 

Safer Cost Effective Faster Eco-Friendly Residue-Free

SAFER: CO2 Dry Ice Blasting is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable non-conductive, and approved for industrial use by the Department of Agriculture, the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency. CO2 Dry Ice Blasting is a safe and environmentally responsible cleaning method during major outages or general maintenance schedules.

COST EFFECTIVE: Labour costs, workers' compensation, and environmental requirements are only a few examples of the burden many equipment operators experience in cleaning machines. Carbonic International brings new technology to the Middle East that alleviates these problems.
FASTER: You can dry ice-blast straight onto an electric panel/motor, or engine and running machinery; even greasy kitchens and printing presses can be cleaned in a flash. Best of all there is no mess or water to clean up 
ECO-FRIENDLY: The disposal of cleaning residues like grit (sand), glass or plastic beads, water or crushed walnut shells is becoming impossible due to strict landfill disposal requirements and hazardous waste controls. 
RESIDUE-FREE: Think about the removal of lead based paint from a one square foot area; this may require as much as ten pounds of sand to remove as little as two ounces of paint. This results in over ten pounds of lead contaminated waste requiring controlled disposal. CO2 pellets as the blasting media eliminates waste disposal problems because it uses Zero Residue Technology (ZRT).
Carbonic International's method is non-abrasive, eco-friendly, has no contamination or health risk problems and waste disposal of toxic substances is non-existant. more...
Carbonic International's solid CO2 pellets at -79 °C are propelled through a high pressure self contained unit to clean the contaminated surface. more...
Carbonic International FZCO's Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used to remove oil, paint grease, asphalt, tar, decals, dirt, ink, resins, and adhesives to name a few. more...