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Carbonic International

Cutting Edge Cold Chain Management

What you don’t know can hurt you!

Active Refrigeration

Temperature abuse for in-transit measurement of perishables results in large scale rejection/loss of consignments. Carbonic International provides solutions to keep your cold chain intact using dry ice as an active refrigerant with defined procedures in accordance with HACCP.
Temperature Monitoring Solutions
We can provide door to door temperature monitoring solutions; these are financially viable so clients can see what happens as products move from point A through point C; bottom line, your product integrity is maintained and savings are greatly enhanced.
Optimal Temperature
Keeping perishables at optimal temperatures through new cold chain visibility solutions will improve their freshness, safety and shelf life and dramatically reduce your revenue loss.
By monitoring the temperature of produce from farm to shelf, retailers and their perishables supplier partners have a new resource for reducing losses and raising revenues and profits.
Cold Chain Breach Facts
According to the 2003/2004 Supermarket Shrink Survey, 56 percent of all store shrink comes from the perishables department — an average of over $250,000 per store annually. Is your cold chain susceptible to damage resulting in the following? If so contact us now.
Weight loss resulting in wilting and shrinkage 
  • Softening
  • Bruising
  • Unwanted ripening
  • Colour changes
  • Texture degradation
  • Decay and putrefaction
Zero Tolerance With Carbonic
Temperature fluctuations throughout the chill chain are not well understood by most companies. We can "map out" the chill chain and set standards for consistent control of your products. We have a standard of zero tolerance for cold chain breaching. Through the use of data loggers and a systematic evaluation process, we can consistently accomplish this goal by integrating a customized cold chain assurance program into your own quality assurance system.
What causes your cold chain to break?
Fresh fruit and vegetables are living products. After harvest they continue the process of respiration which produces carbon dioxide, water and heat.
The heat produced by respiration results in warming of the produce unless it is actively kept cool e.g. by refrigeration.
The rate of deterioration of the product is largely determined by the rate of respiration. Respiration needs to be slowed to minimise product deterioration but respiration can never be completely stopped.
  The rate of respiration is temperature dependant. Produce which is kept cool will have a low rate of respiration with limited heat production and low rate of deterioration. However, produce which is not actively cooled will gradually warm from the heat released during respiration, which will lead to increasing rates of respiration and deterioration as the produce continues to warm.
Different products have different rates of respiration. Those with higher rates are more highly perishable and temperature control is very critical for these products.
Ethylene is produced by many plant products and can trigger ripening and deterioration in some products. Keeping produce cool reduces the production of ethylene. Also, cooled produce is less sensitive to ethylene.


Our application specialist is at your service
COLDNDRY™ can be delivered to you anywhere in the UAE in less than 36 hours. Call us at 800-DRY ICE and we will give you a solution right away.